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We recognize that entrepreneurs, businessmen and nonprofit organizations need to justify the cost of legal services. From our first meeting with a new client, especially a startup venture, we make an extraordinary effort to minimize cost by recommending lower cost alternatives and taking a realistic business-oriented view toward the legal cost-benefit analysis. We also use budgets and fixed maximum fees to eliminate surprises. We do not ordinarily charge for our initial consultation.

Speed. We also believe that speed of response and being available for consultation is extremely important to businesses, especially young businesses.

Expertise. In our experience, attorneys are often all too ready to take on assignments for which they do not have the expertise to carry out efficiently. We try to have open and honest discussions with our clients about our areas of expertise and areas in which we lack expertise. We have assembled a wide variety of legal specialists whom we consult in cases where special expertise is required, paying special attention to reducing the cost of such consultations to our clients.


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